Skimmia japonica 'Perosa' ()

Skimmia japonica 'Perosa' ()

Submitted by: Perry van Eijk Skimmia's

Molenkolk 6



Skimmia japonica 'Perosa' is a renewed variegated Skimmia selection with strong characteristics such as healthy roots, no deterioration and dark red flower buds. The plant stands out thanks to the contrast between the flower buds and the foliage. Each leaf has a unique colour, varying from light green to almost silver. The flower buds are deep red and appear on the plant from August. In autumn and winter especially, 'Perosa' is a beautiful eye-catcher in the garden. It is a hardy cultivar and when winter sets in, the pale yellow edge of the leaves changes to autumn red. Perry van Eijk Skimmias from Boskoop submitted the plant and placed it on the market with Snepvangers Tuinplanten from Molenschot.  The variety is managed by Van Vliet New Plants from Stroe. Ton van Eijk from Boskoop bred the plant. 'Perosa' is protected under plant breeding legislation.

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