Salvia jamensis 'Dyspurp' (Amethyst Lips)

Salvia jamensis 'Dyspurp' (Amethyst Lips)

Submitted by: Rijnbeek and Son perennials export B.V.

Reijerskoop 303
2771BL Boskoop



Salvia jamensis 'Dyspurp' (Amethyst Lips®) has the same properties and growth characteristics as Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips'. Amethyst Lips® has purple and white flowers, a resilient bushy structure, and wonderfully fragrant leaves. It flowers from June to late autumn. In full sun, the flowers are initially purple, followed by bicoloured splendour. In semi-shade, Amethyst Lips® exhibits its beautiful bicoloured flowers from the start. The plant grows to a height of approximately 80 cm, and can withstand a few degrees of frost if placed in a dry spot in the garden or on the patio. This plant, which is protected by plant breeders’ rights, was bred by David Dyson from Walsingham (UK). Rijnbeek and Son perennials export B.V. from Boskoop (NL) submitted the plant to the novelty showcase, and is also placing it on the market.

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