Rhododendron 'Calle CP' (Choco & Pink)

Rhododendron  'Calle CP' (Choco & Pink)

Submitted by: BEST-select CVBA

Caritasstraat 39
9090 MELLE



Rhododendron 'Calle CP' (Choco & Pink) is the most recent addition to the BEST-select label. This acid-loving cultivar grows to a height of 2 to 3 metres. The dark-pink to pink flowers with red patches appear from May. The dark-brown foliage and purple new shoots make Choco & Pink unique. This plant, which is protected by plant breeders’ rights, was bred by Calle-Plant CV from Wetteren (Belgium). BEST-select CVBA from Melle (Belgium) submitted the plant, and is also placing it on the market.

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