Primula vialii 'Aliholl' (Alison Holland)

Primula vialii 'Aliholl' (Alison Holland)

Submitted by: Rijnbeek and Son perennials export B.V.

Reijerskoop 303
2771BL Boskoop



Primula vialii 'Aliholl' (Alison Holland®) is the white shape of the well-know Primula vialii. The plant has the same characteristics as the trustworthy and much used parent plant. The white flowers appear in June, and continue to bloom at a height of 30 to 40 cm until September. Alison Holland® grows well in both a normal and damp spots, and can therefore be used at the edge of a pond as well as in traditional places, such as borders and patios. Alison Holland® is protected by plant breeders’ rights, and was bred by John Holland from Hexham (UK). Rijnbeek and Son perennials export B.V. from Boskoop (NL) submitted the plant, and is also placing it on the market.

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