Morus rotundiloba 'Matsunaga' (BonBonBerry Mojo Berry)

Morus rotundiloba 'Matsunaga' (BonBonBerry Mojo Berry)

Submitted by: Plantipp BV

Brunel 21
3401 LJ IJsselstein

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Morus rotundiloba 'Matsunaga' (BonBonBerry Mojo Berry) produces fruits on old and new wood for a very long period, lasting from May to September. This in contrast to other varieties, which only produce fruit for a period of three weeks towards the end of summer and only after five or six years. The fruits are excellent for making jam, cakes or other dishes. This compact dwarf variety grows to approximately 1.5 m high (in comparison with normal mulberries that can grow to 6-8 m high), making it suitable for any type of garden. Mojo Berry is beautiful as a stand-alone on the patio but also in borders or mixed containers. The plant is protected under plant breeding legislation and was bred by Hajime Matsunaga from Japan. Az. Agr. Caporalplant from Canosa di Puglia (Italy) submitted the plant for the novelty showcase. Planttip BV from IJsselstein is responsible for the management.

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