Helleborus 'Hiljwlsdaca' (Hello Helleborus Dacaya)

Helleborus  'Hiljwlsdaca' (Hello Helleborus Dacaya)

Submitted by: Hoogeveen Plants

Denemarkenlaan 14
2391 PZ Hazerswoude-Dorp



Helleborus 'Hiljwlsdaca' (Hello Helleborus Dacaya) blooms abundantly from October to March. The colour of the flowers is red to dark-red. The clusters of flowers develop continually. This hardy plant is strong, disease-free and easy to maintain. Hello Helleborus Dacaya was bred by HilverdaKooij B.V. from De Kwakel (NL), and is protected by plant breeders’ rights. Hoogeveen Plants from Hazerswoude submitted the plant, and is also placing it on the market.

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