Escallonia 'Lowat21' (Glowing Embers)

Escallonia  'Lowat21' (Glowing Embers)

Submitted by: Plantipp BV / Dool, van den

Brunel 21
3401 LJ IJsselstein

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Escallonia 'Lowat21' (Glowing Embers) is a striking plant with foliage that has an array of colours: in spring, the foliage is orange-red, it then turns golden-yellow and then green. The pink flowers add to this array of colours. Glowing Embers is a compact plant that grows to approx. 80 to 100 cm tall. This evergreen shrub deserves a nice spot in the garden, shrub border or on the balcony or patio. Glowing Embers is also very suitable for use as a low hedge. Lowaters Ltd. from Southampton, Hampshire (UK), bred this plant, which is protected under plant breeding legislation. Van den Dool Cultures from Waddinxveen and Firma J.C. Niesing from Boskoop submitted the plant for the novelty showcase. Planttip BV from IJsselstein is responsible for the management.

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