Delphinium elatum 'DD-2011' (Cinderella)

Delphinium elatum 'DD-2011' (Cinderella)

Submitted by: Plantipp BV

Brunel 21
3401 LJ IJsselstein

+31 6 53550808


Delphinium elatum 'DD-2011' (Cinderella) is an elegant perennial with flowers that are especially suitable for cutting and on the patio. This Delphinium flowers in summer. The flowers are multi-petalled and pale pink with green tips at the edges and in the heart. Cinderella grows to approx. 1.2 m high and 60 cm wide. Dowdeswell's Delphiniums from Wanganui (New Zeeland) bred this plant, which is protected under plant breeding legislation. Kebra vof from Noordwijkerhout submitted the plant for the novelty showcase. Planttip BV from IJsselstein is responsible for the management.

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