Clematis 'Zo14100' (Little Lemons)

Clematis  'Zo14100' (Little Lemons)

Submitted by: Zoest BV, Clematiskwekerij J. van

Reijerskoop 148
2771 BT Boskoop



Clematis 'Zo14100' (Little Lemons) was selected because of its extraordinary dwarf habit, the long flowering period and the end flowers, which produce seed fluff that remains on the plant for a few weeks. In the Netherlands, the flowers mainly attract bees and bumblebees. Clematis Little Lemons produces stems that are 20-30 cm long and sometimes even 50 cm. The foliage is pinnate and green coloured. The yellow flowers are nodding, beautifully bell-shaped and have a diameter of 2-3 cm. After flowering, the shiny seed fluff appears; the side flowers do not usually have seed fluff. Clematis Little Lemons flowers from mid-May to early September. This Clematis is protected under plant breeding legislation and belongs to the Tangutica Group. J. van Zoest BV from Boskoop submitted the plant for the novelty showcase and also bred it. Planttip BV from IJsselstein is responsible for the management.

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