Cercis canadensis 'NCCC1' (Carolina Sweetheart)

Cercis canadensis 'NCCC1' (Carolina Sweetheart)

Submitted by: Stolwijk & Zn., Joh.

Rijneveld 71
2771 XW Boskoop



Cercis canadensis 'NCCC1' (Carolina Sweetheart) is a new introduction with spectacular variegated foliage. It is the most colourful Cercis there is. The tree blooms with 1.5 cm large purple-pink flowers that appear directly on the bark. In early spring, when it has finished flowering, pink, red and chestnut-brown leaves appear, which later become variegated green and white. In autumn, the foliage is yellow with red and white. The heart-shaped leaves are a true spectacle of colour. Just like other Cercis canadensis cultivars, Carolina Sweetheart is very hardy and with a full-grown height of about 6 metres, it is an excellent tree for gardens. This new cultivar was bred by Thomas G. Ranney from the North Carolina State University, in Raleigh (USA), and is protected under plant breeding legislation variety from Selection New Plant, PBR application number 2018/0873. Joh. Stolwijk & Zonen Boomkwekerijen B.V. from Boskoop submitted the plant and also markets it.

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