Astilbe 'Harvandermeerrubyred' (Lowlands Ruby Red)

Astilbe  'Harvandermeerrubyred' (Lowlands Ruby Red)

Submitted by: Compass Plants


Astilbe 'Harvandermeerrubyred' (Lowlands Ruby Red) is a ruby red flowering variety of chinensis that maintains its colour. The flower stems are upright and spread out, and the plants are strong and ideal for warmer regions. The foliage is a beautiful dark green while the plant is blooming and it turns bronze/brown, which results in a very playful and beautiful character. The plant is 75-85 cm tall. Lowlands Ruby Red is protected under plant breeding legislation and was bred by mts. J.M.W. van der Meer and E.H. van der Meer-Godijn from Nieuwe Wetering. Compass Plants BV from Hilleom submitted the plant and is also placing it on the market together with Hans van der Meer Potplanten from Nieuwe Wetering.

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