Plantarium helps ornamental plant companies recover faster

Promoting trade in ornamental plant products is Plantarium's most important mission. This is more important now than ever, as many companies are in dire straits due to the developments surrounding COVID-19. The virus is taking its toll in both the personal and business spheres. One thing is certain: there will be a period of recovery once the crisis is over. Plantarium is now focusing mainly on accelerating recovery.

Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt enhance the overall picture for growers

In an effort to continue this excellent collaboration, Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt are bringing together all of the growers on the exhibition floor, thus enhancing the visitors' overall picture of all the diversity and quality that is available. Because of the layout of the location, with its central entrance and entrance hall, it will need to be divided into two sections, so that the Plantarium section can be visited for 3 days and the GROEN-Direkt section for 2 days.

Plantarium presents the theme for 2020

Plantarium introduces Greenspiration as the new theme for the next edition of the trade fair. This marks the start of a new path, which is designed to emphasise the original core values of the trade fair - the ultimate platform for growers - and to attract more visitors and participants.

Plantarium reveals plans at IPM Essen

Plantarium will present its newly charted course at IPM Essen (28-31 January). In the Bizz Holland pavilion (8A06-8), visitors and participants will discover what this formula can offer them. Plantarium will also being looking ahead to the themes of the upcoming edition on 26, 27 and 28 Augustus 2020.

New course for Plantarium

Trade fair and platform for creating the best match between markets and manufacturers. Plantarium is breaking new ground. The popular trade fair in Boskoop will be operating according to a new formula that perfectly aligns with emerging market trends. A new electronic platform for creating matches between manufacturers and market players will also be launched. Plantarium’s goal for the future is to be a sustainable and green platform.

Plantarium Fits All - Complete green experience at 37th edition

'Green Fits All' was the slogan everything was centred around at Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt from 21 to 23 August. Both trade fairs again took place under one roof and offered international trade professionals a complete green experience in Boskoop.

Best novelty at Plantarium 2019: Clematis ‘Zo14100’ (Little Lemons)

Clematis ‘Zo14100’ (Little Lemons) has been voted best Novelty of Plantarium 2019. The plant was submitted by Clematiskwekerij J. van Zoest from Boskoop. Clematis ‘Zo14100’ Little Lemons is a breakthrough in Clematis cultivation. The plant produces an extraordinary, very compact and bushy growth and is non-climbing. Little Lemons blooms abundantly with pale yellow bell-shaped nodding flowers and can be planted in borders and pots as well as hanging baskets. Unique and innovative, according to the KVBC (Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society) jury.

POTTBURRI and Cercis canadensis 'Carolina Sweetheart' win Press Award Plantarium 2019

Cercis canadensis 'Carolina Sweetheart', submitted by Joh. Stolwijk & Zn. from Boskoop, won the Plantarium Press Award in the category Garden, balcony and patio plants. In the Concepts category, the award went to POTTBURRI, submitted by F.N. Kempen from Mijndrecht.

Green Fits All: Ecological Route

As soon as visitors enter Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt, they are shown a pilot of compact living/recreation in combination with experiencing nature. Because 'small' is the buzzword for urban renewal and rural development, 'Tiny Houses' and 'Tiny Forests' are becoming more and more popular. A 'Tiny House' situated amid a natural oasis of water and greenery is on exhibition in the entrance hall. It is a great example of the theme 'Green Fits All'.

Press Award Plantarium 2019

One of the prizes presented annually at Plantarium is the Press Award. It is awarded by a jury of international trade journalists. The award receives international media attention, which means that participants have a great opportunity to distinguish themselves at Plantarium.

Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt intensify cooperation

Last year, Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt showed that two trade fairs under the same roof formed the largest garden plant event of the year. In the coming edition, the next step will be taken by adjoining the GROEN-Direkt Product Promotion Square to Plantarium. The intention has been expressed to create a single grower's square next year.

Plantarium 2019 responds to developments in compact living and recreation in a green environment

In the context of “Green Fits All”, the entrance hall at Plantarium is displaying a pilot based on compact living and recreation, combined with experiencing natural surroundings. The new urban renewal and rural development buzzword is ‘small’, as is shown by the rise of 'Tiny Houses' and 'Tiny Forests', among other things.

A warm welcome for bees and butterflies with Hebe Addenda®!

The Hebe from Addenda® is an evergreen plant that will display dazzling blooms until late autumn. Hebe is also known as the shrubby veronica. Butterflies and bees adore Hebe because of its nectar-rich spikes of flowers. The Hebe from Addenda® really takes centre stage just when most flowering garden plants are starting to slow down. Their blooms bring the garden to life again and extend a warm welcome to bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Wonder Tree & City Gardening | Fruithof

Fruithof, a complete supplier of fruit trees and plants, lets consumers enjoy home grown fruits from their own garden. With two new fresh sales concepts they focus on new target groups. These sales concepts where shown for the first time in 2018 and now they are developed even further and presented during Plantarium.

Qualitative product development at Empho

Plantarium participant Emhpo produces high-quality ornamental grasses. They grow an extensive range with room for the well-known varieties and for grasses that they have developed themselves. The huge range is clearly visible on

The gArt-collection; exclusive eye-catchers

Green Fits All: dwarf conifers on a high rootstock for maintenance-free gardens. The gArt-collection of Bremmer Boomkwekerijen from Waddinxveen is a feast for the eyes, and also responds to the need of the consumer for a maintenance-free garden.

Gold Plantarium pin for Jos Straathof

During his farewell from the Board of the Nursery Trade Fair Foundation, Jos Straathof received the Gold Plantarium pin, which was presented to him by chairman Jan Willem Griep. Straathof was a member of the Board of the Nursery Trade Fair Foundation for more than 12 years, the last seven of which as a member of the Executive Committee.

Designstar offers the next step in organic marketing

Within te context of the theme Green Fits All, Plantarium participant Designstar presents sustainable labels, pot covers and complete Euro- or CC-trolleys decorations, made of PLM BIO. PLM BIO is an fully biodegradable material and is specially developed for the floriculture sector. This product combines unique properties with an attractive price. The next step towards a more sustainable market is easy to take with PLM BIO and the floriculture sector gets greener: Green Fits All.

Flowering Rhododendrons at Plantarium 2019

Green in every garden: Green Fits All. With this theme Plantarium encourage participants to seek cooperation with companies and authorities outside the sector. At the Plantarium Trade Fair 2019, Plantipp will introduce two new members of the series Encore®. With a compact and evergreen Rhododendron that flowers in spring and again in autumn, this is the ideal plant for borders and containers in every garden.

Green encourage plants and people: Green Fits All

Green encourage plants and people: Green Fits All. This theme encourage Plantarium participants to seek cooperation with companies and authorities outside the sector. That way green will provide opportunities for growth. By producing as energy neutral as possible, companies will take steps to a greener world. AllPlant accomplished important innovations to achieve this aim and is always looking for new innovations and developments.

Green Fits All: Hydrangea macr. ‘Little’® XS

Theme Plantarium 2019 is ’Green Fits All’. Green fits everywhere, also in small gardens. Participant Van der Peijl Tuinplanten presents a particularly compact growing selection of Hydrangea’s. This plant is the perfect addition to smaller gardens or low borders.

Theme Plantarium 2019: “Green Fits All”

With the theme “Green Fits All”, Plantarium 2019 offers a platform for partnerships both within the sector and beyond. The future is green. Green fits in well with every work method and lifestyle. Green adds the finishing touch! Green is a social issue.

Plantarium will progress down the road taken

The results of Plantarium 2018 are clear: the road taken is a good one and has given us an appetite for more. Exhibitors responded positively to the recent edition and support the organisation in the good direction that has been chosen.

Plantarium 2018 was fantastic!

'Let’s make the world greener together.' It was under this motto that, from 22 to 24 August, Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt treated a large international public to a green total experience in Boskoop.

Plantarium 2018 ready to kick off

Plantarium 2018 is in the stating blocks. The floor plan has been finalised and the outlines of the trade fair have been laid out. With just over a week to go, preparations are on schedule. "It was a challenge to design the entrance to the new location in such a way that visitors will imagine themselves in a green oasis as they enter. I don't want to give away too much, but we believe we have succeeded in doing so," says trade fair manager Jos van Lint.

More attention for technology at Plantarium 2018

In August 2018, Plantarium will take place at a new location under one roof with GROEN-Direkt. A new location also means a new layout for the trade fair. Besides the green participants, suppliers will also be given more space to present and demonstrate their innovations.

Plantarium 2018 and GROEN-Direkt under the same roof

Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt join physically in 2018. Plantarium will take place in the hall adjacent to GROEN-Direkt's Autumn trade fair in August 2018. So there will be two trade fairs under the same roof. This will create the largest international garden plant event of the year with a complete package of nursery supplies, where trade and production do business in an inspiring environment.

35th edition of Plantarium was successful

The 35th edition of the Plantarium trade fair, which was held in Hazerswoude/Boskoop from 23 to 26 August, was successful. Visitors greatly appreciated the new design of the trade fair, in which inspiration and experience dominated. The cooperating exhibitors in the Houses of Inspiration were also satisfied with the result.

Hortapp and ConnectedGreen Best Idea Plantarium 2017

Hortapp, submitted by Chelle van der Meijde on behalf of students from Green Tec Wellant College Delft and ConnectedGreen, submitted by René Voogt from Boskoop and presented by Maaike de Reuver, have been chosen as Best Idea of Plantarium 2017.

Best Novelty Plantarium 2017: Hydrangea macrophylla 'Jong 01' (Lady Mata Hari

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Jong 01' (Lady Mata Hari) has been chosen as the best Plantarium Novelty 2017. The plant was submitted by De Jong Plant B.V. from Boskoop.

FleuraTerrazza concept and Cercis canadensis 'The Rising Sun' win the Press Award Plantarium 2017

Cercis canadensis 'The Rising Sun', submitted by Joh Stolwijk & Zn. from Boskoop, has won the Plantarium Press Award in the category Garden, Balcony and Patio plants. In the category Concepts, this prize went to FleuraTerrazza concept, submitted by Van der Starre from Boskoop.

F.N. Kempen BV and Duif International Best Stands Plantarium 2017

The stand of Duif International from Aalsmeer has been declared Best Stand among the Suppliers. For the green participants, this award goes to F.N. Kempen BV from Mijdrecht.

Stories and inspiration the running theme of Plantarium

With barely two weeks to go, exhibitors and the Plantarium organisation are busy preparing for a successful trade fair for the 35th time. "All the ingredients for this have been coming together. Now we just need to arrange them in a creative way and Plantarium 2017 can start,” says trade fair manager Jos van Lint.

Joop Zoetemelk will visit his garden at Plantarium

The Joop Zoetemelk garden, based on simplicity, is one of the eight inspirational gardens that have been designed for Plantarium on the basis of the theme 'Stories'. is responsible for the execution and the design is by Peter Zaal. In week leading up to Plantarium, the former professional cyclist Joop Zoetemelk, who lives in France, will officially name the garden.

Get into the Christmas spirit at Plantarium 2017

With barely two months to go, the contents of the five Houses of Inspiration at Plantarium 2017 are becoming increasingly concrete. Participants and suppliers are working together on filling out the displays. The House of Christmas Inspiration 2017 tells the story of the 2017 Christmas trends.

Plantarium 2017 offers networking event on Wednesday evening

On the opening day of Plantarium 2017 the participants of Plantarium, GROEN-Direkt and invitees will be offered a networking event. Cor Hospes, who is specialised in storytelling and content marketing, will give a surprising speech before the event.

Holygreeners looking for funds

Preparations for the first green festival at Plantarium are in full swing. The organising group of young people, called Holygreeners, report that most of the line-up is now known, as are many green items.

Inspiration and Storytelling come together at Plantarium 2017

With eight inspirational gardens and five houses of inspiration, the 35th edition of Plantarium is a source of inspiration for visitors and exhibitors. Four garden designers from the design institute use the gardens to illustrate that plants can tell a story. Each garden is connected to or designed for a famous and inspiring person and tells this person's story.

Plantarium 2017 takes shape

With a nice international group of participants, both in the main hall as in the new growers' square, Plantarium 2017 is taking its definitive shape. On 1 June, the layout will be defined during the participants meeting. Apart from the stand holders, five Houses of Inspiration will be prominently present at the trade fair.

Flying start to autumn trade at the Plantarium Grower's Square

The Stichting Beurshal and the Nursery Trade Fair Foundation join forces to make the new growers' square at Plantarium 2017 a great success. The Stichting Beurshal (representative of the arboriculturists) with "Varb" and the Nursery Trade Fair Foundation with "Plantarium" both have as mission to advance the trade in nursery stock products. The partnership strengthens the organisations to achieve this mission.

The name of the green festival during Plantarium has been announced: Holy Green

With a reference to Hollywood, the organising young people wished to give an uplifting name to their first Green festival during Plantarium: Holy Green.

Greenport Boskoop supports growers' square at Plantarium

The Stichting Belangenbehartiging (Foundation Advocacy) Greenport Boskoop supports the new initiative of Plantarium and VARB with a financial contribution as well as with its presence in order to achieve a growers' square at Plantarium 2017.

Suppliers in the picture on the growers' square Plantarium 2017

The new growers' square at Plantarium 2017 is the backdrop for short presentations by suppliers to the growers and trade visitors present.

New growers' square at Plantarium

The Foundation Beurshal with "VARB" and the Foundation Vakbeurs voor de Boomkwekerij (Foundation Trade Fair for Arboriculture) with "Plantarium" both have as mission to advance the trade in ornamental horticultural products. With an updated VARB and an updated Plantarium, both organisations are working on a flying start of the autumn trade from a new growers' square during Plantarium 2017.

Green festival during Plantarium 2017

Young people accept the challenge and take on the organisation! During the trade fair Plantarium, which will be held from 23 to 26 August 2017, a green festival for and by young people will be organised for the first time. The festival is one of the items that aims to make the fair more trendy in order to let Plantarium have a higher profile as a source of inspiration in the field of green applications.

Storytelling Plantarium

Exhibitors challenged to tell their story. Participants in Plantarium are even now being challenged to tell their story innovatively and inspirationally as part of the theme for 2017, 'Stories'. In the next few months they will be given the opportunity to put their message into pictures.

New direction for Plantarium

Fair to become trendier and a source of inspiration The board of the Nursery Trade Fair Foundation has chosen a new direction for Plantarium. “Under the name Plantarium 3.0, we are making the fair trendier and the event will also become a source of inspiration for green applications”, says chairman Jan Willem Griep.

Theme of Plantarium 2017: “Stories”

The theme of the 35th edition of Plantarium is “Stories”. By choosing this theme, the board of the Stichting Vakbeurs voor de Boomkwekerij (Nursery Trade Fair Foundation) is emphasising the fact that stories are indispensable when it comes to marketing the product. The theme provides the participants and the fair with plenty of opportunities to tell the story behind the product. Plantarium will run from 23 to 26 August 2017.

Plantarium retains international character

02 September 2016 - A quarter of the commercial professional visitors of Plantarium 2016 came from abroad. In total, Plantarium attracted 16,100 visitors. That is about 1,000 less than previous years. Professional visitor numbers show a slight drop at 10,600, which is about the same as two years ago, when 10,650 professional visitors came to the trade fair.

Plantarium 2016 was cool

28 August 2016 - Once again, the thermometer reached record heights over the past few days. The tropical temperatures were also evident at Plantarium. Despite the heat, there was a positive atmosphere at the fair and a perfect climate for doing business. The number of trade visitors did not suffer as a result. However, the total number of visitors did fall slightly. All the same, the spacious layout with all those cooling green plants meant that Plantarium was truly cool.

Willemstein Hoveniers team voted “Best Green Team at Plantarium”

27 August 2016 - The Willemstein Hoveniers team from Waddinxveen was voted the “Best Green Team at Plantarium 2016”. Growers, garden centres, trading companies, gardeners/horticultural companies and supply companies could nominate their employees for the “Best Green Team at Plantarium 2016”.

Amazingworld and Power Plant win Best Idea at Plantarium 2016

27 August 2016 - Power Plant, which was entered by students from Wellantcollege in Delft, and Amazingworld by Van der Velde Waterplanten bv from Bleiswijk won the title of Best Idea at Plantarium 2016.

Plantarium 2016 opened by Toon Ebben

25 August 2016 - Horticultural entrepreneur of the year, Toon Ebben from Boomkwekerij Ebben B.V. in Cuijk, officially opened Plantarium 2016 on Wednesday 24 August. His first move was to reveal the best novelty at Plantarium 2016, Astilbe 'Chocolate Cherry' (MIGHTY), entered by Compass Plants BV from Hillegom.

Hydrangea macrophylla Three Sisters® and Clematis 'Taiga'® win Press Award at Plantarium 2016

24 August 2016 - Clematis 'Taiga'® by Joh. Stolwijk & Zonen Boomkwekerijen BV from Boskoop has won the Plantarium Press Award 2016 in the Garden, balcony and patio plants category. In the concepts category, this prize went to Hydrangea macrophylla Three Sisters® by De Jong Plant BV from Boskoop and Heinje Pflanzen-Handel GmbH & Co from Edewecht (Germany).

J.G. Cammeraat vof and Rovero Systems B.V. selected as Best Stands at Plantarium 2016

24 August 2016 - For the second year in a row, the stand by J.G. Cammeraat vof from Boskoop was voted the Best Green Stand at Plantarium 2016 by the jury of the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society. Rovero Systems B.V. from Raamsdonksveer was awarded this title in the Suppliers category.

Astilbe 'Chocolate Cherry' (MIGHTY) voted Best Novelty at Plantarium 2016

24 August 2016 - Astilbe 'Chocolate Cherry' (MIGHTY) has been selected as the Best Novelty at Plantarium 2016. The plant was entered by Compass Plants BV from Hillegom. The jury felt that everything was right about this plant. The plant structure is perfect, it is full of leaves in an attractive, dark green colour and also has brown-bronze young leaves. The flowers have an unusual and highly expressive colour and the stems are a nice dark colour.

Assortment on Stage at Plantarium 2016

06 July 2016 - On Friday 26 August, Plantarium and the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society will be holding a seminar which focuses entirely on the assortment. Every hour, a brief assortment-related presentation will be given by one of the six guest speakers from home and abroad.

Registration open for “The Best Idea at Plantarium 2016”

13 June 2016 - In the context of this year's theme “Show It”, Plantarium is challenging businesses and students (both at MBO and HBO level) to take part in “The Best Idea at Plantarium 2016”. During the fair, Plantarium offers a platform where innovations or ideas can be presented to a national and international audience.