The name of the green festival during Plantarium has been announced: Holy Green


With a reference to Hollywood, the organising young people wished to give an uplifting name to their first Green festival during Plantarium: Holy Green. On 28 February, Jeffrey Houtman and Albert de Vries sketched the outlines of the festival to the entire Board of Plantarium. Holy Green is meant to surprise young people from urban areas with green items during a real youth festival. Between 1,000 and 1,500 young people from the Randstad are expected on Friday 25 August, to be treated to music, to-do items and Green Food and Beverages. The festival terrain, situated on the Greenpark Boskoop between the halls of Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt, are used during the trade days for the so-called backstage programme. Visitors and guests of Plantarium, including municipalities and public institutions, are informed during those days about what will be offered to the young people. Those interested and suppliers with suitable green items can contact for further information.

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