New growers' square at Plantarium


The Foundation Beurshal with "VARB" and the Foundation Vakbeurs voor de Boomkwekerij (Foundation Trade Fair for Arboriculture) with "Plantarium" both have as mission to advance the trade in ornamental horticultural products.

With an updated VARB and an updated Plantarium, both organisations are working on a flying start of the autumn trade from a new growers' square during Plantarium 2017.

The growers' square is situated in the Greenpark hall and offers the growers the possibility to show their products to the visitors in an easy manner during the first three days of Plantarium. The Greenpark hall has a direct connection to the main hall of Plantarium as well as to Groen-Direkt Boskoop. At a central point in the growers' square, the visitors to the trade fair can digitally search for the products within VARB.

VARB participants are approached directly. Others who are interested can contact us via Participation is possible from as little as €600.00 per space in the growers' square.

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