Inspiration and Storytelling come together at Plantarium 2017


Inspirational gardens tell stories about inspiring people

With eight inspirational gardens and five houses of inspiration, the 35th edition of Plantarium is a source of inspiration for visitors and exhibitors. Four garden designers from the design institute use the gardens to illustrate that plants can tell a story. Each garden is connected to or designed for a famous and inspiring person and tells this person's story.

The starting point for the garden designers was not to design yet another run-of-the-mill garden at yet another trade fair, but to design gardens with meaning that will be talked about afterwards. In other words: gardens that tell a story!

Eight people
The eight people that have been chosen are well-known, recognisable and thought-provoking. They appeal to the imagination and inspire us all. These people all have totally different characters and merits but are always inspiring. A single distinctive feature has been taken from each person, summarised in a single word and reflected in the inspirational garden.

The people who have been linked to the gardens are: Walt Disney (Fantasy), Mozart (Genius), Joop Zoetemelk (Simplicity), Salvador Dali (Unusual), Don Quixote (Struggle), Nelson Mandela (Unify), Anne Frank (Desire) and Annie M.G. Schmidt (Whimsical). Each garden is individual and tells the story of the person concerned.

The inspirational gardens are located in the Greenpark hall, which is also the pick-up place for the shuttle service that connects Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt. Located in the centre of the gardens will be the Varb Growers' square and a cosy open meeting area, where visitors can get to know the designers of the gardens and be provided with an explanation about them. The design group includes Jans Bos (Jans Bos Tuinontwerp & Advies), Peter van Dam (Rivius Ontwerpburo voor de groene buitenruimte), Angela Warmerdam (Ontwerpstudio Angela's Tuinen) and Peter Zaal (Green in the Dirt).

Plantarium will be held from 23 to 26 August 2017 in the Plantarium building at the International Trade Centre Boskoop-Hazerswoude. Further information about the trade fair or about exhibiting can be found on

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