Green Fits All: Hydrangea macr. ‘Little’® XS


Theme Plantarium 2019 is ‘Green Fits All’. Plantarium 2019 aims to encourage participants to seek cooperation with companies and authorities outside the sector. That way green will provide opportunities for growth. Participant Van der Peijl Tuinplanten presents a particularly compact growing selection Hydrangea’s at Plantarium 2019. The Hydrangea macr. 'Little'® XS is the perfect addition to smaller gardens or low borders. And point with this plant out that it is possible to fit green into small gardens. With a maximum height of 60 cm this group belongs to the dwarf Hydrangeas and is available in 4 colors. Trough a beautiful display the plants will be presented sales points.

Flower color
At the moment the series Little XS® Hydrangeas consists of 4 colors: purple, pink, white and blue. The color of the hydrangeas is determined by the acidity of the soil in combination with the presence of soluble aluminum particles. If the soil is acidic enough and aluminum particles are present, the flowers turn blue. If the soil does not meet these requirements, the flowers turn pink. The same also applies to the Little Hydrangeas.

Soil can be acidified with potting soil or Rhododendron soil. Aluminum particles can be added in the form of kali-alum. By sprinkling this under the plant in August or September the plant will bloom blue or purple.

Behind the scenes testing is still ongoing with new varieties to continue to surprise with this special series in the future.

Planting & pruning
The pot-grown Little Hydrangeas can be planted throughout the year. Spring, summer or autumn are the best planting times, but it can also be planted in the winter. Even once the buds of the hydrangeas are already in bloom, they can still be planted. Pruning is hardly necessary. If the hydrangea is in the sun or semi-shade, they usually do not exceed 60 cm after 5 years.

Retail concept
To stimulate sales even more, a wooden display has been designed. The wooden pallets provide a natural look. A ruler is attached on the display to indicate how large the hydrangeas will grow (60 cm in 5 years). In many garden centers and other sales points the hydrangeas are easily identified by the wooden display.

See more information about points of sale and the care of the hydrangeas:

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