Flying start to autumn trade at the Plantarium Grower's Square


Bundling of offerings increases chance of sales

The Stichting Beurshal and the Nursery Trade Fair Foundation join forces to make the new growers' square at Plantarium 2017 a great success. The Stichting Beurshal (representative of the arboriculturists) with "Varb" and the Nursery Trade Fair Foundation with "Plantarium" both have as mission to advance the trade in nursery stock products. The partnership strengthens the organisations to achieve this mission.

“With the new grower’s square Plantarium allows growers to physically showcase their autumn offerings. The Cooperation with Varb makes it possible to also present these offerings on a digital platform. In this way, we offer the growers a splendid stage for their products. Apart from that, anyone visiting the trade fair can check in Varb which products are available, and personally speak to the grower concerned. It could not be more beautiful and faster", according to Linda Hoogendoorn - Veelenturf, Director Stichting Beurshal.

The trade in the arboricultural sector is becoming increasingly transparent, faster and more international. For the growers, it is becoming more important and interesting to be found via various channels. Buyers/customers search via Varb, visit trade fairs, read trade magazines and increasingly search on the internet for suitable suppliers. On the grower's square, the offer and demand meet, and results can be achieved more speedily.

Autumn trade
The expectation is that the new growers' square at Plantarium 2017 will ensure a flying start for the autumn trade. The growers' square is situated in the Greenpark hall and offers the growers the possibility to show their products to the visitors in an easy manner during the first three days of Plantarium. The Greenport hall has a direct connection to the main hall of Plantarium as well as to GROEN-Direkt Boskoop. At a central point in the growers' square, the visitors to the trade fair can digitally search for the products within VARB. An impression of the growers' square can be found on

Overall picture
To give an overall picture of the offering, the tree nursery Greenports and other organisations in Zundert, Opheusden and Venlo are invited to become a partner in this initiative. In this way, a national autumn offering can be showed to the international trade public during Plantarium. Meanwhile, Greenport Boskoop has joined as a partner.

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