F.N. Kempen BV and Duif International Best Stands Plantarium 2017


The stand of Duif International from Aalsmeer has been declared Best Stand among the Suppliers. For the green participants, this award goes to F.N. Kempen BV from Mijdrecht.

F.N. Kempen's stand achieved the maximum score for all three criteria, but was followed closely by no fewer than six stands just one point behind. From these six nominees, the overall jury selected second and third place in an extra judging round.

Green participants
The winning stand of F.N. Kempen is a good match for the stand of Hoogeveen Plants BV from Hazerswoude-Dorp, which took second place. Boasting exceptional presentations, the two stands are mutually complementary. The contemporary assortment is presented in a creative way. Each product has a label with a story. The decisive factor in choosing the winner was its slightly wider assortment.

Third place went to T. Wezelenburg Handelskwekerijen BV from Boskoop. This stand catches the eye with the distinctive manner in which the story of T. Wezelenburg Handelskwekerijen BV is communicated. In today's high-speed society with its continuous progress, this stand shows where the company's roots lie and what it has been doing from day one, emphasising its craftsmanship.

Duif International from Aalsmeer, an importer and wholesaler of garden and home decorations, is named as the winner among the suppliers. The jury describes this stand as an artistic tour de force. A complete pot and plant combination with creative use of the product. Second place goes to Jongkind B.V., also from Aalsmeer. Jongkind BV is a supplier of substrates. The stand has been designed in an innovative and sustainable manner, with great attention to detail. The complete message is communicated clearly. Finally, third place goes to Designstar from Boskoop for its open, transparent stand with a clear and unequivocal message. Designstar is involved in the creation of marketing concepts.

As in previous years, the KVBC was responsible for judging the green stands and the suppliers' stands. All green stands were judged on three criteria: product quality, presentation and assortment, with quality given priority. Each criterion is judged by a separate jury, after which the overall jury selects the top three and the winner from the participants with the highest scores. The suppliers' stands were judged on the following criteria: overall presentation, what message does the stand convey and does it include an eye-catching element? Each stand is also judged on the extent to which it fits in with the trade fair theme of 'Stories'.

The 35th edition of Plantarium is being held from 23 to 26 August 2017 in the Plantarium building at the International Trade Centre Boskoop-Hazerswoude. Further information can be found at www.plantarium.nl.

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