A warm welcome for bees and butterflies with Hebe Addenda®!


The Hebe from Addenda® is an evergreen plant that will display dazzling blooms until late autumn. Hebe is also known as the shrubby veronica. Butterflies and bees adore Hebe because of its nectar-rich spikes of flowers. The Hebe from Addenda® really takes centre stage just when most flowering garden plants are starting to slow down. Their blooms bring the garden to life again and extend a warm welcome to bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Hebe Addenda®
The Hebe Addenda® is available in four varieties that vary in size of flower spikes and have different colours of flowers and foliage. Hebe ‘Donna’ has dark green foliage and spikes of around 7 cm in blue, white, purple, lilac, pink or red. The blue Hebe 'Granda' has the largest flower spikes: longer than 10 cm. The distinctive features of Hebe ‘Classica’ are its variegated leaves and plumes of blue and purple flowers. Hebe ‘Petita’ is characterised by its small, shiny leaves that highlight a host of diminutive blue, pink or white flowers.

The wide range of plants offers several specialities, such as Hebe Duo, Trio & Quattro. With these varieties, two, three or even four different types of cuttings are placed in one pot. The various plumes of flowers and foliage intertwine, and display flowers scattered throughout the plant. Also new in the Addenda® range is the Hebe 'Petita' in a variety suitable for small pots and planters. The Hebe Petita® has a naturally compact but richly blooming habit, so it is perfect for use in this way. Ideal for on a terrace or as a table arrangement and able to cope with direct sunlight!

Where to display
Add a bright splash of colour to the patio in a beautiful pot or as a shrub gracing one of the borders in your garden. No matter what the consumer's personal style is: classic or elegant, romantic or modern. The huge diversity of varieties, sizes and colours make Hebe a magnificent addition to jazz up your garden. The compact shape allows you to create a colourful accent with just a few Hebe plants.

At Addenda®, substantial investments are made in innovation, in terms of both products and concepts. Next summer, Hebes from Addenda® will be given a new label (100% degradable), and the pots will also have a new look. The taupe previously used for the pots will be replaced by dark green. The pots will also be made using +95% recycled material.

Curious about our total range? Visit Plantarium - 21 to 23 August. Addenda® is on stand 228.

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